you've no idea what i had to go through to push through with this trip haha. i said this in my stories and my finsta post lol and i'...

you've no idea what i had to go through to push through with this trip haha. i said this in my stories and my finsta post lol and i'll say it again. mercury retrograde hit me really really really reaallllllyyy hard this time. but i did, i got on a plane to Korea. i made it haha. 2012-Etienne-blogging era would be disappointed to see how my writing has evolved and by that i meant i got lazier. and if we look into the technical parts of blogging, the number of characters i have on this blog won't be any good for SEO too haha but i think i've already established the fact that i'm only here for photo dumping, and nothing more. see this as a photo gallery of all my trips instead of something more of an information center :D i've archived all my style related posts and only kept travel blogs and that's not because i want to be known as a travel blogger, coz i'm definitely not informative to be one haha but more than anything, i am a storyteller through the photos i take. during my travels, i take more photos of the views and the people around me and i barely have my photo taken, not unless i need some for my instagram account.
we stayed around Insadong area and it was giving.... Kyoto vibes hehe. lots of really cute vintage and traditional stuff were around, plus cute dogs too ✌︎  

told you they had lots of cute dogs around :D
it's also really important to note that there's something about that Korean sky and Korean (sun)light. i'm not sure what it is but in internet slang, i'd say "it hits different"
went with Lloyd and Mark, who were the same people i was with during our Boracay trip mehehehe.
this is also one of the most interesting establishments i've seen whilst there.
and if you haven't noticed yet, i wore the same blazer the whole trip because my sources told me it was really hot during the day and would only get chilly at night. so i only brought my usual clothes. ha ha ha. my silly ass was frozen in Korea but not so much because i had my trusty blazer hahaha. 

while checking in at the airport, the counter will be needing your hotel booking, your travel itinerary (not your daily activities but your flight tickets haha), your visa (korean visas are now printed on a piece of bondpaper unlike before like other visas that are stuck on a page on your passport), and your travel insurance. 


1) visa
for the list of requirements, check the embassy's website (link here)

2) no rt pcr needed upon arrival
we had to pay to get an RT PCR test upon arrival but this was lifted so for anyone who's planning to travel there soon, you won't have to think of securing anything else. just make sure you have your visa and you're good to go. (more details here)

if you're reading this from Cebu, hi! we now have direct flights from Cebu to Incheon, Korea thrice a week (3x weekly) via Cebu Pacific. convenient, right???? @cebupacificair #CEBTravels #CEBfliesSeoul 

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