And she’s back 5 years later! I guess the thing with me is that I almost always need some time to warm up with places (not just people too) ...

And she’s back 5 years later! I guess the thing with me is that I almost always need some time to warm up with places (not just people too) before I truly appreciate it. It took me 3 visits, and good company to really love Siargao and if you’ve followed me on Instagram, you’d see how I always kept coming back since.

It didn’t take me multiple visits to warm up to Boracay. This has been my second visit and I’ve made up my mind and thought that I really want to come soon and stay longer next time.

One thing that’s different about this visit to the island is that I’ve received great service and hospitality from Belmont and thought, we really made the right choice of choosing to stay here than any other resort.

Sure it wasn’t the closest to all the other establishments, but we had everything we needed there and a shuttle to use too. If this wasn’t mentioned anywhere else, our travel from the hotel to the main stations is about 15 minutes. But that was never a problem during our entire stay there.


Let’s talk about our accommodation.

I was never really the picky one and would never really care about where I’d be staying every time I travel just as long as it was decent. But Belmont wasn’t just decent, it was superb! I’ve mentioned this from my previous blog post about Belmont (read here) of how we only wanted to stay indoors. It was also a factor that me and my friends really were just the type to stay in, but let’s not forget to credit Belmont for the comfiest room.

Aside from a really spacious bathroom (and the counter), which I really like (coz I’d need that much space for all the stuff I bring with me), the balcony was also really nice and spacious. It also had a view of the poolside and the great green outdoors.

breakfast buffet:

I’m not the biggest eater, especially during breakfast, but I know my food and when I say I enjoy it, know that it is of good criticism haha :D

Interesting and favorites from the selections were the sausage, the potatoe wedges (I LOVE MY POTATOES), and the sticky rice based food (champorado and porridge).

pool & amenities:

A hotel isn’t a good hotel if it doesn’t have good and functional amenities. I got into practicing yoga for a few months now and I realized how it’s been non-negotiable at this point. Like it’s really ingrained in my system and if I could, I would really get up and show up to practice. Happy to have found that their gym is a place I can work on my wellness. I don’t have a yoga mat I can carry with me to my travels so I was delighted to know they had one I could use.

Photo dump for the other things will be posted in another blog post. Working on the Boracay vlog next.


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